Contract Preparation

Having the right contracts in place is the legal backbone of many businesses; not having the right contract in place may be fine when things are going well, but when they go wrong….

We advise on a wide range of legal contracts, from terms and conditions, to supply and distribution agreement, to franchise and concession agreements.  We draft the contracts, or review and negotiate them if prepared by the other side.

To give you an idea of the type of work we do in this area, we have recenlty been involved in the following:

  • a supply and packaging contract for a bottled water supplier
  • concession and franchise agreements for a major retailer for its operations in the Gulf. Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Ireland and the US
  • publishing contracts for a Gatwick based magazine publisher
  • a logistics contract between a retailer and a transport company for the management and distribution throughout the UK of the retailer’s products
  • terms of business for a company hiring out antique china
  • contract between a contract cleaning company and an Italian supplier of meals to airlines based at Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airport
  • terms and conditions for a web design agency and a marketing agency
  • advising two South Eastern based aviation support companies on their joint ventures in the Gulf with UAE partners
  • preparing a number of contracts relating to scanning aircraft records including drafting and negotiating a contract for the client to provide its aircraft record management and scanning service to easyJet
  • advising on a number of NDAs
  • preparing Shareholders Agreement, and Partnership Agreements and LLP Agreements